Groups tour


18 km from Tours and 10 km from Amboise.


The castle is open all year long for groups.


Guided tour of 1 to 2 hours, with the possibility of guided days.

Reservations required.
A typical Renaissance château

Built on the left bank of the Cher, the castle consists of two towers situated at the northern entrance: one houses a chapel and the other one, a fruit room. The main building, located on the east wing, overlooks the garden and the courtyard.

At the northwest, a seigniorial dovecote, with its rotating ladder in working order, completes the whole. A hunting lodge and the servants’ quarters, that mark the southern and western limits of the courtyard, are dated early XVIth century. At the quarters ground floor, the stables could welcome up to 7 horses and the wine warehouse has been operating for 250 years.


A vineyard at the heart of the Loire Valley

Come and discover oenology at the Château de Nitray and understand wines secrets with delight and conviviality. After visiting the wine warehouses and hearing explanations about the wine making process of white, red and rosé wines, you will discover traditional vine, wine and champagne-method tools.
In our projection room, discover a 1937 film about the ancient Cooperage



To end your visit, we offer different types of Nitray’s wine tastings.
The château de Nitray is referenced in the Hachette guide of wines and is proud to be qualified for the “vignoble et découverte” and “caves touristiques” labels.

You can also plan your meals at the château, program a tour with our partners or choose from the guided days.

The guides

They have a high sense of responsibility with above all, a lot of common sense and humour. With them, all generations will understand the Vine and Wine “why and how”.


  • Tour & Tasting: 7€ TTC/person.
  • With regional products toasts: 10€ TTC/person.