The grape varieties

Touraine is an appellation area where a wide variety of grapes of different origins are produced.
Since the XVIIIth century, the vineyard of Nitray consists of 6 varieties.

This quality white grape is used to develop dry wines with great freshness. They stand out by their vivacity and their fresh herbs, blackcurrant buds and tomato leaves aromas with a citrus fruit finish.

This is the King grape variety of the Loire Valley where it grows wonderfully. This great wine blooms beautifully in late harvests when autumn is sunny and gives birth to noble rot. Then it makes soft wines of exceptional quality.

This is one of the best-known varieties in the world. Called the Kind of whites, it turns into dry wine and is assembled with Chenin to give the best sparkling wines. It is round, full-bodied, soft and fruity.

Cabernet Franc
Grape variety from the Nantes region that is also bearing the name of “Breton”. Rabelais cites this grape in Gargantua: ” This good Breton wine which does not grow in Britain but in this good land of Véron ”

Old Touraine grape variety with a place of honor since 1999 at the château de Nitray. The first harvest took place in 2004 on 1 hectare. This is a more tannic wine than cabernet franc. Aromas: a touch of prunes and a slight peppery finish.

Red grape variety grown only in France and mainly in the Loire Valley. Descendant of Gouais, it is very strong and vigorous. The wines obtained are light, fruity and soft red wines, releasing aromas of strawberries.

Harvest, winemaking, bottling and selling are mainly done in the château de Nitray.

After the tour, you will be able to taste and buy the products of the vineyard.